January 12, 2006 — February 11, 2006




Press Release



Paul Kasmin Gallery is pleased to announce our upcoming exhibition OPEN STORAGE: NEW PAINTINGS by JOE ZUCKER, on view at 293 Tenth Avenue from January 12 through February 11, 2006.

The subjects of these crate paintings are actual size images of chairs, stools and tables from the artist's studio. The diptych format is used to discuss the idea of paintings that are simultaneously on exhibition and in storage, apparently mirroring a trend in which facilities have been built to make this dual purpose possible.

Since the mid-'60s, Joe Zucker has always explored the balance between material, process, and meaning, consistently bringing innovation to what painting can accomplish. Zucker's box paintings continue in this vein, and are his most recent examination of the relationship between paint and container and frame. Each painting, a shallow wooden box with an accompanying lid, is comprised of various chambers created by wooden dividers, into which Zucker pours enamel, tilting and propping up the boxes as the paint dries. These thick pools of paint, sometimes cracking, sometimes pillowing, provide an almost sculptural, relief element to these pure, geometric forms.

Zucker's small box paintings and watercolors will be exhibited at 511 West 27th Street.

A concurrent exhibition of Joe Zucker's work, entitled Container Ships, will be on display at Nolan/Eckman Gallery. A fully illustrated catalogue with essay by Linda Yablonsky will accompany the exhibitions.

Next: William Nicholson; February 16 – March 18, 2006

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