October 11, 2006 — November 11, 2006




Press Release



Who's Who in Holiday Hats

On these two pages, we present McCall's collection of marvelous make-believe millinery, thirty party hats designed to transform any holiday get-together—the third-grade room party or the New Year's Eve dance—into a festive Masked Ball. All these VIP hats are based on three simple geometric shapes that you cut from cardboard, double thicknesses of heavy foil, or think cotton felt; trim with feathers, bows, tassels, or any colorful odds and ends that happen to strike your fancy. They make memorable party favors and will probably see service on other let's-pretend occasions throughout the year. Instructions for making all of these hats are on page 38.

- Text as it appeared in McCall's, c. 1958
tear sheet, double page spread: 13 3/8 x 20 ¼ inches

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