April 05, 2007 — May 05, 2007

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APRIL 5 – MAY 5, 2007

Paul Kasmin Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition, from April 5 to May 5, 2007, of new paintings by Caio Fonseca. This exhibition of new paintings, both on canvas and paper, is the product of two years' work. In these two years, Fonseca has explored what is essential in his work: discarding elements of earlier periods without losing the basis of his visual language. After 15 years of exploration in color and composition, these new paintings trace the unadulterated foundation of Fonseca's language of movement, proportion, scale and form. The palette is limited, often to white and black sequences of simple forms in movement. Among these forms, even the minutest links are felt, and some forms can only be seen in the scoring of the works' surface. These groups of small forms in turn create new forms that gently carve or describe the space itself. Black and white, acting as equivalents, underscore the overriding luminosity of the painting's surface. Fonseca's technique uses elimination as a means of addition, and with each subtraction he appears to have conjured a more legible spatial poetry. By limiting himself chromatically and spatially, Fonseca has gained new understanding of his own pictorial idiom, and offered us the purest distilled reading of his work to date.

Caio Fonseca executed these works in New York City and in Pietrasanta Italy during 2006-2007. A fully illustrated hardbound catalogue accompanies the exhibition.

For further information or images, please contact Amanda at Paul Kasmin Gallery. 212.563.4474




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