October 18, 2007 — November 24, 2007




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October 18 – November 24, 2007

PAUL KASMIN GALLERY is pleased to announce the upcoming exhibition of new paintings by Kenny Scharf. This will be his second solo show with the gallery, following the successful debut, SUPERPOP, in 2005. He is back and better than ever with the all new and improved "NEW!" 293 Tenth Avenue will host large scale paintings that feature familiar images from the American subconscious, along with Carzy Roy-Al, an installation at 511 W. 27th St. exhibition space.

"The End of the World is Fun" summarizes the spirit of Kenny Scharf's new work. Scharf pairs classic symbols of American consumerism with an underlying subversive edge. In his paintings, a New and Improved landscape is peppered with bits of Arabic, Hebrew, Russian, Farsi, Chinese, Japanese and Hindi, alluding to the diverse dissemination and globalization of consumerist culture taking the world by storm. A large donut, hovering in outer space, is elevated to the utmost importance. Nuclear bombs explode behind the word "NEW!" Fried chicken catapults from the bulls-eye of a target. A Fifties-era mom pours potato chips into the outstretched hands of children. Scharf integrates silkscreen, glitter, spray paint, oil and acrylic paint to create superscapes that offer both nostalgia and criticism of the consumer culture we live in.

Carzy Roy-Al is a customized golf cart that will be on display in our second gallery space. The cart will revolve tirelessly on a spinning platform, evoking a car showroom or late-night infomercial. "Enough to satisfy all your consumer whims and needs!" Scharf explains. Don't miss Carzy Roy-Al and Kenny Scharf, KING of the 3rd annual Art Parade, on September 8, 2007 in Soho. Scharf will also take the car out in Chelsea on Saturdays, handing out donuts to all.

Scharf's work can be found in major museums and collections, including the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Eli Broad Foundation, and the Stedelijik Museum.

A fully illustrated color catalogue will accompany this exhibition

MEDIA CONTACT: Vanessa Bismarck, 212 741 0141 / [email protected]

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