March 26, 2008 — March 30, 2008




Press Release



Paul Kasmin Gallery is pleased to announce the upcoming installation COME JOIN IN by Annette Lemieux, a site-specific project created by the artist for the gallery's booth at the 2008 Armory Show at Pier 94 in New York City. This will be Lemieux's first solo exhibition with the gallery. Through the combination of painting, photography, and sculpture, Lemieux initiates a creative dialogue between the commodifiers and creators of new art. Presenting seemingly casual associations of dates and locations, images and text, COME JOIN IN also invites the viewer to contemplate thematic concerns beyond the boundaries of American consumerism.

A Conceptual artist who remains engaged in myriad studio practices, Lemieux's agile linkages of mediums, language, events, images, and objects create poignant, often historically-minded narratives of the American experience. Lemieux, who believes the idea determines the form, adheres to few physical or temporal boundaries in her work. COME JOIN IN transforms the gallery booth, the commercial hub of art's commodification into a reenactment of one of the nation's earliest commercial and most romanticized gatherings, a country fair circa somewhere at some other time.

The canonic imagery of Walker Evans and the rhyming text of Dr. Seuss make an appearance, as does a fiberglass cow, images of battleships, a quilt painting made up of armed forces logos, and freshly-baked apple pie. All are fodder for Lemieux's egalitarian-minded assemblage.

More poetic than polemical, COME JOIN IN celebrates America's literary and artistic champions of the everyman as well as the plainspoken candor of American vernacular and its promise of a fair deal.

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