PK SHOP (Paul Kasmin SHOP) is pleased to announce Shelter Serra, Loaded on view at our 511 West 27th Street, New York location, 28 February - 30 March, 2013.

Loaded explores notions of mass consumption and cultural identity through a series of sculptures and drawings displayed within a shop context. Shelter Serra juxtaposes objects that are both mundane and immediately recognizable: a 40 ounce bottle of malt liquor cast in plaster, a Best Buy cap plated in copper, and a designer handbag cast in resin, to name a few. Casting and plating these objects in unlikely materials—resin, plaster, platinum silicone, and copper—Serra strips them of their intended functionality, thereby highlighting their underlying cultural symbolism and transforming branded products into objects of aesthetic contemplation.  

Serra’s Fake Gun series (2012) groups brightly-colored cast resin guns, of a make traditionally used by law enforcement, neatly displayed in small table-top vitrines. Presented outside of their usual setting, the guns are loaded with subliminal cues: Hollywood’s glamorized brand of violence, police brutality, and current debates about gun ownership. Most poignantly, the gleaming guns are reminiscent of children’s toys. The result is a potent commentary on how we relate to the objects and images that bombard our daily lives and collective memory, as well as the repercussions of our pervasive consumer culture. 

This will be Shelter Serra’s inaugural exhibition at the PK SHOP. Serra was born in 1972 in Bolinas, California. He studied Studio Art at the University of California at Santa Cruz and received a Masters of Fine Arts in painting and printmaking from the Rhode Island School of Design. Serra's work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, at the Renwick Gallery in New York, Space 1026 in Philadelphia, CYSTEM Gallery in Tokyo and Five Energy Gallery in Sapporo, Japan, and Urbis Gallery in Manchester, England. Group exhibitions include "Bad for You" at the Shizaru Gallery in London (curated by Beth DeWoody, 2012), "Look Again" at the Marlborough Gallery in Chelsea, New York (curated by Casey Fremont and Karline Moeller, 2010), and "Shred" at the Perry Rubenstein Gallery in New York (curated by Carlo McCormick, 2010). In 2011, Serra participated in the Art Production Fund and The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas artist-in-residence program. Large commissions include sculpture projects for Helmut Lang and Converse. Serra currently lives and works in New York City.

For further information please contact Polina Berlin at [email protected].

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