James Nares Street

Metropolitan Museum of Art
Galleries for Drawings, Prints, and Photographs
March 5—May 27, 2013 

Paul Kasmin Gallery is pleased to announce Street, a new video by James Nares, will have its New York premiere as the centerpiece of an exhibition by the same name at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 5 March - 27 May, 2013. A recent acquisition of the Museum, the mesmerizing unscripted 61-minute high-definition video—which was shot on the streets of Manhattan over the course of a week in September 2011—will be shown continuously on a large screen in the central gallery of the Museum’s Drawings, Prints, and Photographs Galleries. The exhibition Street will also include 60 works of art—selected by the artist from the Met’s encyclopedic collections—that situate his video in relation to earlier works that capture the spirit of the street.

An exhibition of works by James Nares, ROAD PAINT, will be on view at the Paul Kasmin Gallery at 293 Tenth Avenue, New York, 8 May – 15 June, 2013. These works continue the artist’s ongoing kinetic investigations—exploring the form, direction, rhythm, and repetition of objects in motion. The result of a completely new technique developed by Nares exclusively for this exhibition, this unique practice seeks to capture movement’s own moment of creation, its own primal genesis. Recalling the extremely slow frame rate of Street, Nares slows down the processes of action and creation in his ROAD PAINT series in order to fastidiously record the minute nuances of kinetics.

James Nares (born London, 1953) lives and works in New York. His oeuvre encompasses painting, sculpture, drawing, film, and video. In his paintings, he seeks to capture the very moments in which he is creating them; individual paintings are most frequently made in single brush strokes that record a gestural passage of time and motion across the canvas. Nares’ films and videos reference many of the same preoccupations with movement, rhythm, and repetition, while also ranging further afield in their scope.

To view the complete announcement from the Metropolitan Museum of Art please visit: metmuseum.org

For more information on the exhibition at The Metropolitan Museum of Art please contact: Alexandra Kozlakowski at [email protected]

For a two-minute excerpt of Street, please visit: http://www.paulkasmingallery.com/artists/james-nares/video

For more information, contact: Clara Ha: [email protected] / Bethanie Brady: [email protected]








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