Nassau County Museum of Art


Erik Parker, Nina Chanel Abney, Justin Craun, Wendell Gladstone, Tom Sanford

June 29 through October 13, 2013

Paul Kasmin Gallery is pleased to announce Erik Parker will be on view alongside Nina Chanel Abney, Justin Craun, Wendell Gladstone, and Tom Sanford in AftermodernisM at the Nassau County Museum of Art, 29 June - 13 October, 2013. The exhibition is organized for the Museum’s Contemporary Collectors Circle by CCC co-chairs Elaine Berger and Alison Wolfson. On view in the Museum's Second Floor Galleries, the five artists in the show, aged 31 to 44, represent a movement of young artists involved in the use of very strong color. They share an interest in combining figurative and abstract elements in new and innovative ways. The famed art collector Hubert Neumann called it “an asymmetric aesthetic for a fractured asymmetric world."

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