Polly Borland: YOU

Australian photographer Polly Borland explores the stages of love through her new show YOU.

By Maybelle Morgan

Influenced by the barrage of charity shops that surround Melbourne's urban meanderings, Polly Borland has found a centrepoint in these second hand outlets. What these "thrift" stores typically offer is a disorentating amalgamation of soiled toys, unwanted clothing and wilting domestic decorations: which, of course, Borland has welcomed with open arms.

The Melbourne native's upcoming exhibition YOU depicts what - in masterful hands – a transformation of these raw materials can make. There is a contradiction evident in her aesthetic: large-scale, hyper-professional photographs showcasing flesh-coloured stockings in abstract compositions, resting lethargically against reflective backgrounds. These undergo a transformative process through the exhibition; formless singular buds, eventually breeding into a multitude, all in tightknit configuration.

Borland explains “The first part of the series is about the possibility of Love which encompasses desire, yearning, anticipation and obsession! The second part of the series is about the disappointment of Love which encompasses yearning, rejection, hopelessness and madness.” Essentially 'love' in all its deranged dimensions. 

PK SHOP New York will be showcasing a private viewing of Polly Borland's YOU on the 18th September.

The new book Polly Borland: You by Perimeter Editions will be released on the 19th September.

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