Hotel Particulier is pleased to present an experimental and collaborative artwork between artists Courtney Smith and Iván Navarro entitled MELLOWDRAMA. A multifunctional, sculptural “stage” environment designed by Courtney Smith, will be continuously activated and transformed by a series of performances and occupations.

will open on Friday the 7th of March at 7pm
with the performance conceived by Iván Navarro.

Please join us for:
OIDO III (Kill the Ear Worms)
Reception 7pm
Performance 8pm

6 Grand St, bet. Varick & 6th Avenue.

The new music experimental collaboration of Iván Navarro, Sokio, Offending Command and Recipol (Courtesy of Hueso Records) will be presented as an electronic-analogue theatrical performance. Using bass-lines, electric guitar noise, and exploring the maximalist side of dance music: lush chords, complex drum patterns and improvised light-hearted melodies flowing over dark and dense bases that evoke a full-fledged sense of chaos. This composition of sounds will be contrasted with the performatic act and video intervention of hydrogen peroxide trickled inside the ear of one of the performers creating a sculptorical response to the ephemeral electronic sounds. While earwax literally effervesces and rumbles inside the performer’s ear, the public will be able to experience it on a large screen projection showing the image of the murmuring ear during the whole length of the performance.

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