Raleigh, N.C.— Beginning April 6, 2014, the North Carolina Museum of Art (NCMA) presents Street, a video exhibition by British-born artist James Nares. Street will be on view in the Museum’s Main Hall video gallery through September 7, 2014.

“We’re thrilled to show the captivating video Street at our Museum,” says Linda Dougherty, the NCMA’s chief curator and curator of contemporary art. “This video installation captures the fleeting moments of everyday life in New York in a mesmerizing work that invites visitors to watch, reflect, and be transported to a new city, for a few minutes or an hour.”

Over the course of a week in September 2011, Nares—who has lived in New York City since 1974—recorded 16 hours of high-definition footage of people on the streets of Manhattan. Employing a high-speed camera that is normally used from a stationary position to capture fast-moving subjects, Nares recorded his footage from the windows of a moving car. He then slowed the video, editing down the results into 61 minutes of steady, continuous motion, which, if shown in real time, would last only three minutes. The video is accompanied by a score for 12-string guitar, composed and performed by Thurston Moore, singer and guitarist formerly with the band Sonic Youth.

Explains Nares, “My intention was to give the dreamlike impression of floating through a city full of people frozen in time, caught Pompeii-like, at a particular moment of thought, expression, or activity … a film to be viewed a hundred years from now.”

Street is part of an ongoing series in the Museum’s Main Hall video gallery that will feature two video installations per year. 







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