If you stop by the Guggenheim on Friday, June 20th, we are fairly certain that you will hear something you’ve never heard before. Artist Iván Navarro will be acting as resident DJ at the Guggenheim’s “Art After Dark,” and it promises to be an evening of true musical discovery.

Navarro is relatively new to the role of DJ, but it fits well with his practice and his interests: his work—including his video/performance piece Homeless Lamp, the Juice Sucker (2004–05), which incorporates the Mexican revolutionary song “Juan Sin Tierra” (John the Landless), and is currently on view in the museum’s exhibition Under the Same Sun: Art from Latin America Today—often involves the use of sound. Navarro likes the fact that his “mix of music and sculpture” is difficult to categorize. “It is still an unclassified type of practice, and does not have the clear status of any fine art object,” he says. “These pieces are not considered music, nor sculpture, nor sound art. I am interested in exploring ideas that are undefined genres.”

In tandem with this sound-friendly artistic practice, Navarro maintains a long-term project explicitly devoted to sound and music: since 2006, the artist has run Hueso Records, a label that releases projects in Brooklyn and in Santiago, Chile. One important mission for the label is to “find, restore and release music that has never been released before” due to a lack of funds or public interest when the music was originally recorded. Says Navarro, “What is interesting to me is to recuperate these recordings and understand that this recorded piece of an artistic project has become the living memory of a whole, and it belongs to the main body of work of the person who made it. It exists literally as a remnant that can be found drifting in ordinary record stores.”

Navarro will share some of those rediscovered sounds during tonight’s event. Visit the Guggenheim Museum's blog to listen to a sampling of the rare tracks he plans to play: a song from Los Pinochet Boys, a 1980s punk group from Santiago; a demo from Chilean group Electrodomésticos; and an early recording from eclectic Santiago punk group Índice de Desempleo (Unemployment Rate). Join us on Friday, June 20, at the Guggenheim to find out what else Navarro has in store.

Can’t make it to Navarro’s set? Come by the Guggenheim Wednesday, June 25, at 1:30 pm EDT, and check out his “Siesta Talk,” during which he will discuss his work in Under the Same Sun.


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