James Nares Goes High Speed at Paul Kasmin Gallery

September 24, 2014

Ann Binlot

In many ways James Nares’ art is one linear progression. Many of his paintings
capture the curves and movement of a single brush stroke, while his
film Street follows the denizens of New York City as the go about their day. In his latest
body of work, High Speed Drawings, on display through October 25 at Paul Kasmin
Gallery’s 10th Avenue location in New York, Nares concocted a peculiar machine with
a cylinder that he places a sheet of paper on before turning it on so it can spin around
at around 30 to 40 miles per hour as he touches it with brushes soaked in Chinese
ink. The result is a set of beautiful, captivating stripes that is akin the blur that occurs
while watching the world quickly go by as you sit inside a quickly moving train. I had
the chance to meet with the London-born, Brooklyn-based artist, who has been in New
York since 1974, at the gallery as he installed the large-scale paintings to ask him
about how he developed the machine, his new series, and whether or not he hurt
himself while working with such a fast contraption.







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