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Two chances to step into Claude Lalanne’s wonderland

Sept. 02, 2016

Helen Chislette

On Claude Lalanne’s coffee table stands a tiny bronze cabbage on chicken legs – you would need a heart of stone not to smile at the wit and joy in that little Choupatte (Cabbage Feet). Made as a gift for her late husband, François-Xavier, it perfectly encapsulates the artist’s love of nature and her sense of play. Choupatte is now famous, with versions included in museum and art collections across the globe, but Lalanne admits that the first – this very one – was nothing but a happy accident. “I had taken a mould of a cabbage and just wondered what it would look like with legs – the moment I saw it, it felt right. It had emotion.” As François-Xavier once declared: “The cabbage leaf is to Claude what the acanthus leaf was to Greek art!”







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