Deborah Kass' Vote Hillary graced the cover of New York Magazine in the aftermath of Trump's election.
ARTNEWS: "If the cover of New York magazine this week looks familiar, well, that is because it is. The image is a variant of a work that artist Deborah Kass designed earlier this year in support of Hillary Clinton. New York’s cover reads, “How to Live With, For, and Against Trump’s America” on top of a crop of the original work. (Kass’s hand-written “Vote Hillary” note, previously appearing below Trump’s head, has been removed.)"
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THE HUFFINGTON POST: "It’s been just over two weeks since a Barbara Kruger artwork calling Trump a loser graced the cover of New York Magazine, and a lot has changed. The artist, along with much of the country, was proven wrong in her prediction when Trump was nominated as the country’s president-elect.
This week an image by artist Deborah Kass appears on the magazine’s cover. It’s a pop-inspired depiction of Trump; his face a pale blue and full of fury, his hair appropriately yellow and eyes glaring red.
Kass’ original piece, which she uploaded to Instagram 18 weeks ago, reads “Vote Hillary” beneath the image, a straightforward message from the staunch feminist and Clinton supporter. The artist sold editions of the screenprint to raise money for the Democratic candidate’s campaign."
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