Merrell Hambleton in conversation with Elliott Puckette: 

When I arrive at the Dumbo, Brooklyn building where the artist Elliott Puckette keeps a studio, it’s as if I’ve traveled back in time — to, say, 1989, when Puckette first rented the Pearl Street space and the building was still a working paper factory. Warped wooden floorboards creak under my feet, and exposed pipes and electrical wiring line the unfinished hallway. It smells of paint and turpentine. The contrast to the sleek, granite-floored lobby is striking. “They’re renovating the building in the most absurd way, floor-by-floor,” she explains good-naturedly. “Eventually I’m getting kicked out.”

Image: Elliott Puckette stands in front of “Love Letter” (2018), the largest piece in her upcoming show at Paul Kasmin Gallery. Credit Matthew Novak




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