Paul Kasmin Gallery is pleased to share that James Nares and Jules Olitski are included in WHITE at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Jacksonville.

Often seen as neutral, as background, or even as the absense of color, white emerges time and time again as a coconspirator in some of the most revolutionary works of art of the moden and contemporary period, beginning with one materpiece of the modern avant-garde--Kasimir Malevich's iconic painting, White on White (1918). Nearly a century after this Suprematist materpiece was created, MOCA Jaconsonville's WHITE exhibition charts the pivotal role of this under-explored protagonist in the making of contremporary art history. The exhibition focuses on iconic works of art that cast a spotlight on white's role as inspiration, color, material, and even conceptual premise in objects spanning diverse media such as painting, photography, sculpture, and installation.

Image: James Nares, White Out, 2013, thermoplastic on linen, 120 x 96 inches (304.8 x 243.8cm)




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