The New Yorker

Goings on About Town | Jiri Georg Dokoupil

February 2, 2015

Whatever happened to the insolent whiz kid who, during the eighties, appeared more or less everywhere in Cologne cohorts of neo-expressionst painters? In the twenty-five years since Dokoupil's last show in New York, this did: "Soap Bubble Paintings," made by bursting, on canvas, large bubbles impregnated with mostly metallic pigments and diamond dust. The wizardly technique yields gorgeous abstractions, usually on black backgrounds. You may hate yourself in advance for liking them, which you are pretty much doomed to by the seductiveness of their infinitely varied tints and textures: shortcuts to the sublime. 

Through Feb 7. (Kasmin, 515 W. 27th St. 212-563-4474)




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