Colour, Shape and Motion: Enter the Dynamic World of Joel Shapiro

At his Long Island studio, the pioneering American sculptor reveals that balance, movement and a healthy dose of self-doubt are the ideal recipe for his uniquely expressive works, three of which inaugurate a new rooftop sculpture garden at Kasmin Gallery in the heart of Manhattan. 

Joel Shapiro is well-known for his prolific career as creator of idiosyncratic gestures and curiously proportioned figures. He is currently inaugurating the brand new Sculpture Garden at Kasmin Gallery (which opens today), located atop its new Studio MDA-designed gallery space in the heart of New York’s Chelsea district. A pioneer of American sculpture, three of Shapiro’s large-scale bronze and aluminum pieces will reside in the garden until the end of December. They show figures caught in the act of falling or running, invigorating their surroundings and triggering dialogues with their audiences around figuration and motion. Public engagement is crucial for the exhibition, especially considering the rooftop is adjacent to the tremendously busy High Line, the city’s elevated public park which also maintains an ambitious public art programme.

Last month the seventy-seven-year-old Shapiro opened the doors of his Long Island City studio, which overlooks the East River, amidst preparations for his public unveiling.







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