Naama Tsabar in Creative Independent

April 04, 2017

Creative Independent

Naama Tsabar on taking control of your process

From a conversation with Brandon Stosuy

April 4, 2017

You make art that uses objects familiar to music fans—amplifiers, guitars, mic stands—but you do something different with them. You also employ music references like punk and noise that the art world may not understand. You don’t quite fit into either place.

I’m a visual artist. Music was my first love. Art followed soon after. I’ve never questioned if I’m more one thing or the other because they’re organically woven into each other. It’s true, though, there’s a certain border that art people can’t—or don’t—cross, because it’s not their cultural creative history, and it’s not what they’re invested in. I’ve never considered myself a musician, even though I’ve played for many years and performed in a band when I was younger. I think the last two or three years is the first time where I’m like, “Wow, I’m actually writing songs and making music. How did that happen?” For me, it was more coming from art than finding yourself in music.