Introspective Magazine 

Editor’s Pick: Robert Polidori Stitches Together Photos of City Life

September 20, 2016

Carol Kino

At Paul Kasmin Gallery, the renowned photographer shows artful panoramas of Mumbai's sprawling outskirts and the ruins of a Beirut luxury hotel.


Robert Polidori has captured both luxury and wreckage in his photographs. His new show at Paul Kasmin Gallery in Manhattan features images of the ruins of a once-glamorous hotel in Beirut and of Mumbai neighborhoods (portrait by Peter Keyser).

Throughout his career, the Montreal-born photographer Robert Polidori has been known for creating resonant images of empty, often decrepit rooms that still seem to pulse with the life of the people and events who have just passed through them. He has photographed an abandoned control room in Chernobyl, snipers’ lairs in Beirut, the picturesquely decaying Havana home of an erstwhile plutocrat and the restoration and continued maintenance of the palace of Versailles.







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