Three Artists, Three Arcs, One Gallery

Roberta Smith of The New York Times

These days it is not unusual for a New York gallery to have two spaces and even three. Less typical are moments when their exhibitions complement one another, as do the current solo shows at the Paul Kasmin Gallery. On view in the gallery’s three spaces — clustered conveniently around the intersection of 10th Avenue and West 27th Street — they form a valuable commentary on three artists’ career arcs and the bandwidths of their visions.

One show presents Jane Freilicher (1924-2014) at the beginning of a long career; another, Elliott Puckette (born in 1967) at a promising a midcareer turning point. A third surveys the work of the British sculptor Barry Flanagan (1941-2009), an artist whose stylistic about-face around 1980, was always mystifying from this side of the pond.

Image: Jane Freilicher, The Painting Table, 1954, oil on linen, 26 x 40 inches, 66 x 101.6 cm. Courtesy the Estate of Jane Freilicher and Paul Kasmin Gallery.




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