Studio International 

Roxy Paine Interview: ‘The best ideas come out of long gestation’

November 18, 2014

Roxy Paine’s Checkpoint is the latest of his meticulously crafted dioramas. He talks about how he
fuses industry and nature in his work and why, despite the vast scale of some of his pieces, he still
makes everything by hand. Coming off his latest show, Roxy Paine talks to Jill Spalding.
The internationally exhibited American artist Roxy Paine (b1966) is known for serial investigations
into organic and mechanical systems that manipulate expectation with installations ranging from
robot-produced paintings to polymer mushrooms, stainless steel trees and, latterly, wondrous and
disturbing hand-produced dioramas. Paine’s signature skill of presenting reality a quarter turn off
creates and disrupts illusions of familiar worlds – the natural world of plants and geology, and the
industrial world of control systems – and gives them new meaning through transformation and




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