In October 2019, Bernar Venet unvieled Europe’s largest public artwork along the E411 Highway in Belgium. Originally conceived by the artist 35 years ago for the French government, the monumental L’Arc Majeur is realized in steel; weighing over 250-tons and reaching 200 feet tall at its highest point. The €2.5 million project is installed near Lavaux-Sainte-Anne in Belgium between Namur and Luxembourg.

Continuing Venet’s lifelong examination of the mathematical variants and physical manifestations of the line, the sculpture soars upward from each side of the road, giving drivers coming from both directions a sense of moving through an immense arc.

Fabricated in the workshops of the CMI Group’s Welding Expertise Centre in Seraing, the 205.5° arc comprises two separate ‘arcs’ to  frame kilometer 99 of the highway. A technical achievement in terms of both its development and its manufacture, the monumental work was realized by an experienced team of four welders and three fitters.

Image: Bernar Venet, L'Arc Majeur, 2019 © Bernar Venet. Courtesy the artist.




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