CARO & OLITSKI: 1965 – 1968

Cover of Kasmin Gallery publication CARO & OLITSKI: 1965 – 1968

Anthony Caro and Jules Olitski’s decades-long friendship took root in 1963 when, after years of mutual admiration, both artists joined the faculty at Bennington College in Vermont, an area also home to David Smith and Kenneth Noland.

Paul Kasmin Gallery's 2017 exhibition ​included several never-before-exhibited​ ​paintings from Olitski's​ Bennington Sprays​ series​, ​as well as three of Caro’s ​works from the Bennington period, including ​Green Sleeper,​ ​part of Olitski's personal collection.  ​Olitski's Sprays​ --​ ​created using multiple industrial spray guns positioned at various heights and proximities from large sheets of canvas affixed to the studio floor-- were ​conceived ​immediately after​ a visit to Noland’s studio ​made by Olitski, Caro, and a group of Olitski's students.​  ​

The exhibition catalogue documents the Bennington years with reproductions of personal photos, letters, and other ephemera from the archives of both artists, as well as that of legendary gallerist Kasmin, whose London gallery, Kasmin Limited, established the British audience for Caro, Olitski, and several other key United States artists of the sixties. 

Softcover, 11 1/2 inches x 11 1/2 inches /29.21 cm x 29.21 cm, 76 pages.

ISBN: 978-1-947232-01-3


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