Cover of Kasmin Gallery publication JULES OLITSKI

Olitski created the Mitt Paintings in the late1980s, spurred in part by his discovery of a then-newly developed kind of iridescent paint, which he mixed with thick acrylic gels and then applied by hand, wearing mitts left in his Bear Island studio by his wife Kristina.  (The artist had previously created series of works using brooms, squeegees, and spray guns.)

Published on the occasion of the gallery's 2014 exhibition, this fully-illustrated catalogue includes a foreword by Lauren Olitski-Poster, the artist's daughter; and texts by Barbara Rose and Alex Grimley.   

Softcover, 54 pages, 12inches x 12 inches, 30.48 cm. x 30.48 cm.

ISBN:  978-0-9886613-3-2


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